Charity & Philanthropy

Always Learning

I founded JIBIKA Foundation on May 5, 2009 as a private philanthropy and eventually was supported by few other colleagues/friends to run the show. I was inspired to develop such a foundation due to my years of development experience in the field of Economic Development. I had profound interest in linking up responsible businesses and individuals to the Poor to create sustainable income.

During my experience with non-profits, I observed that most of the NGOs are bound with Donor mandates and often fail to address the immediate needs of the poor such as clothing, health, food etc. They also often fail to address the poor with subsistence living. Hence I started to focus on Income generation, Unemployment, Urgent health issues, Child labor, Orphans, Old-aged people etc. We try to generate fund from personal networks and Islamic zakat. This is purely a social service as of now, however we aim to expand as a registered NGO soon.

Our Charity website:

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