BRAND versus Class Struggle

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BRAND versus Class Struggle

May 21, 2017 Article Political Economy 0

Sometimes when I pass by expensive shopping outlets or step into 5 star hotels or large comfy airlines etc. I keep thinking one thing. What’s there in these NAMEs which we often call a BRAND? Being an MBA in Marketing, I know what it means to create a BRAND to position your product into customer’s mind. I also know that price comes with quality. However what if we had only standardised products or services? Would it be too boring? or monotonous? Or it would be less profit worthy? Perhaps in a society that is today governed by Capitalism, one would say, it is essential to come up with a product line to meet an array of customer needs and tastes. But do these companies not trigger the latent need for which the consumers were unaware? These so called top quality international BRANDs are created for what purpose? Who do they target? The system itself defines CLASS and MASS.It is nothing but a tool of capitalist borjouis to isolate and distinguish rich from the poor. It is a tool that creates class difference within society. Such things should not exist in the world so that peace, harmony and equity can be established. Every single commodity or service is tagged with a BRAND. Be it Airlines, Hotels, Consumables, Services or even Education. People take pride in saying in what school they passed from rather than what he/she really learnt.

There are other things that also promote class struggle. The concept of Deluxe, Executive, Premium, Economy, 1st Class, VIP, Gold, Platinum etc. should also be eliminated. These things create frustration among the mass and promotes temptation, corruption and often violence.

Luxurious BRANDS also make people unnecessarily extravagant. It is true that whether a person is being extravagant depends on his income. Yet buying a thing with 5-10 times higher price than what is commonly available in market can be termed as luxury, vanity or extravagance.

My article may precisely be relevant for the Rich people with higher social floor in the Developing Countries. These countries need much help from within their local resources than to obtain from foreign aids. Being the richest person of a poor country does not uplift one’s national status but may well address his/her hunger for luxury, fame and power. So these people should try to uplift the overall livelihood of the country so that they can stand proud as a Nation.

So I think, there should be standardized products and services to eliminate class struggle from the society. Everyone should wear clothes of similar prices or dine out and stay in similar hotels etc.  The distinction between entities should not be based on vanity or luxury but on quality of education, amount of tax paid, amount of charity made etc. Only then the society will start producing good and responsible human beings.

Wasting money/resources is also discouraged in any reasonable religion. So those who believe in religions should also refrain from such show-offs.

We should stop buying these so called expensive luxurious brands and help the underprivileged with charity. We all have responsibilities to develop a poverty free world.

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