Love in the Womb of Heart

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Love in the Womb of Heart

February 3, 2017 Poetry & Literature 0

This is a poem written by me in 1998. I became semifinalist in World Poetry Contest with this Poem. Here is the link to the page

But for your quick reference, I am publishing here as well:

Love in the Womb of Heart

“Tried to say the words but couldn’t dare,

My heart kept crying but you didn’t hear.

Can’t help loving when I see you smile,

The distance is small but seems a hundred mile!

I dream of you whenever I close my eyes,

And I have kissed you in dreams a thousand times.

Don’t know whether you loved me ever,

But its true that my soul will part you never.

You are always there in my thought,

Doesn’t matter whether you love me or not.

Cause you resemble the girl I dream of,

Have been waiting for long-

No matter if it needs a bit more [waiting] to stop.

Wishing the moment to come,

When you would read my eyes and love me-

As though healing the heart with passionate balm.

And my heart will love you even if the time doesn’t come by,

Because, love doesn’t ask ‘WHY?’”

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