PERSPECTIVES: Where are we living? Are we indeed liberated?

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PERSPECTIVES: Where are we living? Are we indeed liberated?

March 3, 2017 Article Life Style 0

I wake up in the morning to go to work. Sometimes there is electricity sometimes not. They call it system loss. When I need to wash my face, I see lack of water as the pump could not operate due to load-shedding or the WASA has improper supply. Somehow I manage it and head for work. I face intolerable traffic due to the illiterate vehicle drivers and unplanned construction of malls and schools. Again most of the signals are out of order and there is insufficient police to control the traffic. I see the police sitting in the corner on his bike and his helper trying to catch fish to make his wallet healthy. After hours of toiling I reach office. At work and everywhere I see people are divided by so-called thoughts of 2 political parties. I see them more serious than the politicians themselves. However it is hard to find an element of maturity, patience and patriotism in most of the politicians. The youth hardly bothers about the history of the country and the current politics. Rather they pray for hartals so that they don’t need to go to schools. Parents are competing for admitting their wards to retain their social status. Academia are selling their brands even if they cant produce better citizen. When I return home, on the way back I remain insecure of being mugged or kidnapped. As I reach home I find my telephone has been disconnected even though my bills are up to date. The lineman perhaps is looking for gifts. In the late evening when I try to surf the TV channels I find only foreign channels engulfing our culture. In the news there is nothing productive but only the rivalry and nuisance among political parties. At night when I go to sleep, I find some vagabonds driving their hybrid cars to and fro as if they are preparing for formula 1 championship. I tried to talk with one of them and they would threaten me not to poke my nose. The policemen remain silent because they don’t have any vested interest in it. In the weekends, when I go to shop I find the price hike reaching my income limit. I see abundant of poor children starving on the streets or engaged in child labor. Yet the Government claims that we are going to be middle income country. Again I can hardly buy fruits, vegetable, fish or snacks due to presence of preservatives. I get concerned about the nutrition of my child. Often I think as my child is growing, what would be the society like in future where I see today it is full of atrocity, frustration and corruption. Girls get victims of eve teasing, acid attack or sexual harassment. People get killed or hijacked for little amount of money. Boys get addicted as their parents are busy chasing so-called social status. Entire country is in the war of power and politics. Only might wins and only the rich survives. Class struggle has increased and the middle income group are forced to surrender honesty and peril. The day may not be far when the Poor would cease to be silent and would engage into aggression with the Well-off leading to civil war. Are we really liberated? Is this the Bangladesh Freedom fighters fought for?

NOTE: The word ‘I’ is presumably a representation of an ordinary man living in the urban areas.

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