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I had a chance to publish one book. However I am sharing some of my papers that I wrote during my Masters in UK as well as working in Development Sector.

About the Book: Market based development sees poor as producers/self-employed people from both formal and informal sectors, who are being excluded from the market system due to inefficient mobilization of resources and dysfunctional institutes. Of late there have been several market-led approaches among which M4P is latest and stands out for its certain ability to address power, politics and people’s constraints related to market participation. The approach is based on New Institutional Economics and vividly carries the essence of Post-Washington dogma.There is no doubt that M4P approach is all about targeting and benefiting the ‘bottom of the pyramid’. Given the current world of globalizations and free market economy, M4P is yet a good initiative to include and address the poor with potentials. It is definitely not a panacea nor a doctrine but a framework that is set forth for a better guideline to promote and adopt inclusive market development. As poverty is a multi-dimensional phenomenon, it would understandably require multi-level strategies or approaches to address it. M4P is only one of them which deals with poor who are capable to participate in the market.

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  Market Based Economic Development for Poverty Reduction: A critical analysis on M4P approach


ISBN 13: 9783659783890

  Effects of Increased Per Capita Income on Human Welfare  2011 Download
Impact of Globalisation on Working Poor: The Bangladesh Case  2011 Download
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