Always Learning

When I worked with Farhan I was often struck by his proactive and conscientious approach to work. He displayed creative and original thinking, but at the same time had a practical orientation to addressing issues as they arose. He was a highly valued colleague at Katalyst and I enjoyed working with him very much.

M. Farhanul Enam is known to me for several years. He is a bright young man having good abilities in leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. I am sure Farhan will shine in any organisation given the opportunity. I know that he has been a good teacher in one of the private universities in Bangladesh. I wish him all success.

Mr Enam is a diligent Marketing Manager with a strong knowledge of the industry and how to push services to the market. Mr. Enam used his knowledge and experiences and showed his strong commitment and dedicated efforts to me and the company and I am very pleased with his achievements.

Farhan has been a good colleague who possesses good research and analytical skills. He has embraced development cooperation as a noble means to achieve higher goals. He is a dedicated professional and is relentless in his pursuit to achieve his targets.

I am a former Los Angeles Times reporter who is working as a media consultant in South Asia, specifically Bangladesh. It has been my pleasure to know and work with Mr. Farhanul Enam while he worked at KATALYST, a multi-lateral donor dedicated to economic growth in the country’s agricultural sector. As such, KATALYST has engaged in an aggressive campaign to build local media capacity for covering economics and business, particularly agriculture and small and medium-sized enterprises. Mr. Enam recruited and hired me to help design a business journalism curriculum at the University of Liberal Arts-Bangladesh and train faculty members on various teaching methods, including using case studies.

I can attest that Mr. Enam has been thoroughly professional and capable. I recommend him without qualification.

I had the pleasure of working with Farhan on two separate occasions when I was Team Leader of the EU-Bangladesh Trade Policy Support Programme (TPSP). I found Farhan to be utterly reliable and committed to the tasks assigned to him. He concluded his work for the project in difficult circumstances and completed them on time and to the highest professional standards.

Farhan brings in a lot of color into your team. When assignments were given to him, I always received a holistic, well documented, presented output. I wish him well

Mr Farhan was always a bit different then others. He was excellent in his assignment and presentation. He used to ammaze me sometimes by his thoughts and works. He is a hard worker and a creative thinker. Above all he is a good professional. However, later he became my advisor for my company. I do take his suggestion very seriously.

I wish him many many successes in his life.

I am very pleased to write this recommendation for Mr. Farhanul Enam. During the last 10 years of knowing Mr. Enam as his supervisor at AIESEC Bangladesh and also as a colleague while developing a program for UNICEF Bangladesh; I have been extremely impressed with his insights, creativity, sense of responsibility, intellect, and leadership skills.
Mr. Enam has a broad range of experiences with various service sectors. I can add some personal observations based on my interactions with him. First, I found Farhan to be a very committed and determined individual who strives to bring change not only for his own country but also to the world through innovative ideas that can solve social and environmental issues. Besides possessing various leadership skills, one unique characteristic that makes him stands out from the crowd is his genuine passion and dedication for the work he is involved in.
Second, Farhan possess a sense of creativity that is what is required to bring uniqueness to the various aspects of one’s career and profession. On several occasions, I have asked him to help me out with publication, presentations and websites and he always delivered the product promptly and with style.
Finally, I would like to address Farhan’s collaborative style. Not only is he well versed and well prepared for scholarly pursuits, but he also works well both as an individual and as a member of a team. Unlike some scholars, his goal is not to conduct research for the purpose of enhancing his own reputation. Rather, he is genuinely committed to develop projects and research that aim to improve the conditions in which people, especially disenfranchised groups, live.

I had the opportunity working with Farhan initially as his senior colleague, and later as his line manager. During my 14 years of career, I had the opportunity working in several organizations and with different types of people. Among all those people, I will qualify him among the tops. In professional matters, I found him highly reliable, hardworking, and insightful. I appreciate him for being a person with an “out of the box thinking” attitude. Numerous times, I was impressed seeing his aptitude to enter in the core topic of a discussion and identify critical points very quickly. I felt very comfortable working with Farhan and highly recommend him for his quality of work.

At the time I was in Katalyst Bangladesh Enam was Business consultant in the Service Group. From them he has been promoted as a Senior Business Consultant and I completely agree with the promotion. Enam is a person reliable and dedicated that catch rapidly the concepts and strategies. He is able to manage efficiently a team that will implement these strategies successfully and to propose the necessary changes to make it more effective. But Enam is also a thinker and a person able to conceive new approaches and original ways to address constraints in the market. He proved it several times in workshops held in Katalyst on building new strategies for the sectors covered. I highly recommend Enam and wish him all successes in his future carreer.

I came to know Farhan more than a decade back when he enrolled my course at North South University as an undergraduate student. He stole my attention not only for his results, but also for his dynamic extracurricular activities with AIESEC Bangladesh–the world’s largest student-run organization.

Since then we interacted in a variety of roles/capacities. For instance, I found him in the role of an excellent service provider when I was looking for website development, hosting and other relevant services from Steerweb–an IT firm he used to run full time and now serving as Chief Patron. Colleagues, friends and family of Farhan will agree with me that he is absolutely a creative person bubbling with innovative ideas all the time. If you spend 30 minutes with him, you will find that he will have given you 3 ideas to do things you are doing in a better way.

Currently, I happen to work pretty closely with him as I report to him for a consulting assignment in which FutureLeaders facilitates introduction of rural marketing course in the academia in Bangladesh. I truly enjoy working with Farhan because he is an outstanding development professional who knows his job very well. I especially like the way he coaches me on how to get things done when working with international consultants or how to present something in a report that would catch the imagination of the reader. What impresses me most , though, is his informal leadership style, his unparalleled sense of humor and once again his constant ability to come up with creative ideas that make sense.

Finally, I should add that perhaps because he once ran his own firm, Farhan has acquired the not-so-common ability to see the big picture more easily than many others and that separates him from his peer group by a big margin.

Farhan has been a key driver of establishing Information Systems at AIESEC Bangladesh. His proactive efforts have made the team encouraged to make better use of IS at AIESEC Bangladesh. I have seen very few people with the kind of IT skills Farhan possesses. I wish him all the success in his professional endeavour.

Farhanul won the MaFI Top Influencer Award in April 2011. A true knowledge champion!

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