The Legacy of Slavery

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The Legacy of Slavery

May 3, 2017 Article Political Economy 0

I am often taken by surprise to see how deeply we are rooted to the customs and norms of the North. We hardly can distinguish our own identities and the way of living life. The North still runs through our nerves and has captured our future as it reigns smartly over the poor army of labor of South. Despite having rich civilization compared to that of the North, we gave up our sovereignty, being engulfed in luxury and extravagance, to a handful of cunning foreigners who came in the guise of tradesmen. ‘Divide and Rule’ was their policy as we have been found historically jealous over each other for wealth and power. The Portuguese, Dutch, French and British came one by one and ruled the South as if it was a dowry gifted to them. Our civilization and culture was destroyed and made hybrid in line with theirs and till today we carry them with pride and boast. After hundreds of years of colonization, it started to liberalize after the World War II. The North was devastated and recession was a common outcome everywhere. Then in the name of Neoliberalism, few countries sat together to fix the fate of the South, something that was called Washington Consensus. It was decided that the State-led development of the South would be broken in the name of Privatization and financial economy would be destroyed in the name of trade liberalization and free economy. To live to the legacy of slavery, they e-colonized the South by establishing World Bank and IMF to rule over the economy and currency. Due to privatization, many people lost jobs and eventually became part of the ‘reserve army of labor’ as stated by Karl Marx. The labor was thus made cheaper and Industrialization was developed to deploy this labor and export the finished product to the North. This was done in the name of Globalization where trade, economy, flow of fund, recruitment of disposable labor were the common ingredients. Formal sectors were destroyed and a new Informal Economy was given birth of. People today can hardly find a Decent Job and often end up working whole day without any social or state security. Low Education, High Population, Child Labor and Natural Disaster are the results of this Industrial Globalization. But we still take pride to wear/use something that comes from the North because they create a social class system in the name of a ‘Brand’. Class struggle is becoming more and more fierce because of this capitalist consumerism but our States are still silent as their hands are tied by the debts and aids given by the North. In the name of aid and donation, the North has skillfully established their presence in the South as Donors or iNGOs, who are referred as Civil Society. This Civil Society often pokes their nose in our internal matters such as Politics, Macroeconomic growth, Military Intelligence and Market Economy. Nonetheless, many of these Donors and iNGOs spend high premiums on the White people in the name of Expats, Consultants and Trainers. Indeed we are carrying their flag on our shoulder as educated fools. They have also managed to expand the spectrum of slavery through offering and selling education in the North. Here again we boastfully enroll and pay them our hard earned money in the name of Status and Job-readiness. We still consider wearing shirts/ trouser/ ties/ suits to symbolize ourselves as smart and polished. Many of us still stare and run after white skin tourists or colleagues. We believe that White people may be more intelligent and have got the sole license to live a decent life. Our youth are fascinated by Hollywood celebrities and films. We still pay millions of Dollars in learning English which is set as a global language by the North. They are still destroying the world we live in and trying to compensate by throwing some money on our face in the name of Climate Change Fund. When they fall short of talents or raw labors, they outsource these hungry poor hands in the name of Immigration. And we keep on fighting over opportunities as we have been always fighting since history immemorial. These immigrants hardly find a white collar job and remain slave of the system. The North has also smartly taken over the Defense of the Southern countries by alluring them with bulk of Dollars in the name of UN Peace mission. Due to this the Governments of the South obediently listens and vows to the statements made by the UN. To show some sympathy to the poor producers of the South, they have introduced tools like ‘Fair Trade’ that make the fools of the South quiet happy.

I can write on and on, but nothing is going to change since we have perhaps already surrendered our identity, skin, culture and economy to the North. Therefore justice and equity is something that only the Lord can bring back after the doom of the world. Capitalism has reached at such a point where there is no return. The Rich will become richer and the Poor will remain poor. We might have won geographical liberty but we still bear the Legacy of Slavery in our way of living in today’s world.

However, the matter of small joy still persists. The People of the North do not necessarily have agenda’s like their administrators or policy makers.They are often genuinely kind and carry the flag of humanity above all. We truly hope that one day the entire world will be a global village where people would be known for their kindness and contribution to humanity and not for their skin, wealth or power. There will be only two types of people-Senior and Junior. Seniors will guide and advise while Juniors will respect and  take care.

Before concluding, I must speak something about the South to be fair. If the South had the intelligence and bravery like North, then they too might have done the same to the North. So we really cannot blame the North for our foolishness. It is us who allowed them to spread so far and they did exactly what a tradesman would do. They acquired, ruled, extracted and left. Even today they are the leaders and we are the followers because we the South perhaps like to be so, I would rather admire the North here because despite the terrible past, they have been forerunners in shaping the world. They often help us more than we help ourselves. It is us who keeps on fighting among ourselves and let the world laugh at us. Many countries have overcome poverty despite being subject to political and natural catastrophe. We better look into the mirror before blaming others. The North has been also pioneer in science, research and development that turns into a blessing for mankind. They too were very poor and scattered in the past but they have profoundly recovered and established themselves. We need to learn these from them.

There will turmoils in the world, like Middle East Crisis. But we have to swim through amidst high tides. We must also remember and believe that only the intelligent and hardworking deserves to lead hence North are leading and we are still lagging behind. They are doing many good things among few bad. We should learn from their courage and develop ourselves because Almighty helps those who help themselves.

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